Sculptures in the Square

About the Artist

J. Doyle Rogers (b. 1972) is an American sculptor known for detailed works of art in stainless steel. Rogers has been sculpting from steel since the early 1990s and graduated with an art history degree from the University of Georgia in 1997. Rogers' early work centered mainly around the reflections of nature's beauty and in recent years has turned to the inherent beauty of works created by man, though nature still finds its way into many f his pieces. Rogers is a Georgia native and continues to work from rural suburbia outside of Atlanta.

Beauty & The Beast Photo Fence

About the Photographers

Richard Calmes A former Atlanta architect with a passion for photography, Richard expresses the challenge of capturing the beauty, agility, and determination of ballerinas through his work. His gift for dramatic lighting and rapport with his subjects makes him one of the most sought-after dance photographers in the United States. 

Phyllis Burchett As former owner of Burchett Equine Center, Phyllis' experience with horses inspired her creative vision of the equine form as an art. Her photographic skills and knowledge of horses and light, enable her to capture the beauty and athleticism of the horse. 

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